It was an uncomplicated brief. Design and deliver something to support the iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Mini & Air; Kindle Fire, Paperwhite, Touch, Keyboard; Samsung Galaxy; Google Nexus; Motorola Xoom... yeh, today’s best tablets. It just may be the best tablet accessory; we simply secured each tab safely into a little Cushion to relieve the strain of holding your tablet. So much more than the flimsy holders or rigid stands, no stress, it’s the Original tabCoosh. Hope you like it... nah, we hope you love it.


The beloved tabCoosh came to be when a couple of Aussie guys at ioco, our mother company, found it damn hard to make the most of their tablets; iPads as they were in those days. From there, we singled out Comfort as the driver behind tabCoosh.

Something kids, big & small, could move their tablet about securely. A design perfectly suited to the human body, laps the ideal resting place, along with tables, benches and the like, was needed.  Our baby was born, delivering on all those challenges.

With that tabCoosh now caters for all 6 iPads, Samsung Tab 10.1 & 7.0, Kindles Fire plus Paperwhite, Touch & Keyboard e-readers, Google’s Nexus, Motorola Xoom…


The Original tabCoosh has won a lot of hearts in a short time, we hope you discover what it has to offer; let us know what you think…






tab swipe-O-matic



yello puff

As tablets give us so many entertainment options, we wanted to extract the best from a tabCoosh supported tablet. To start, tabCoosh has now evolved to the ideal companion for those folks making use of a tablet in their wheel chair, via the Assistt add-on.

pretty in pink

chilli chocolate

velvet circles

F1 black


the new black



We’ve also our deebee range, starting with the astonishing high performance noise isolating deebee earbuds. These provide excellent separation from external noise, with little interference to earrings, glasses, hats or hairstyles.

When it came to designing the tabCoosh, 3 things had to come into play. It had to be comfortable. It had to be practical. It had to look good… real good. We felt we’d nailed the Comfort and Practicality stakes early in the game. That left us to deliver a look that ensures you’re happy to been seen with your tabCoosh.

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The tabCoosh family is growing! We started with the humble iPad, which has gone on to have a few siblings. From that came requests for the Kindle e-readers, Touch, Keyboard, Paperwhite & the Fire tab as well as Samsung’s Galaxy, Google Nexus and most recently the long awaited iPad mini . All that in the past few months, plus some hot new colours in our Collection.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably keen to Get More from your tabCoosh.

Do call back here every so often, as we’re working towards

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blu jean

bb Stripes





Keen to tackle the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months, the tabCoosh team introduced the beloved ‘Coosh to the world at both the 2013 New York International Gift Fair and across the Atlantic at the Reed Spring Gift Fair. Both shows confirmed our belief that the tabCoosh could provide tablet support and comfort missing in flimsy holders and carefully balanced stands.

One year on and we’re still getting feedback that while the ‘Coosh is such a simple idea, it is also so practical. Yay! Happy Birthday béba!!

When the brains trust behind tabCoosh slip into GO mode, things happen. Since we launched the ‘Coosh early his year, we’ve had a lot of feedback, and I think it would be fair to say, there’s a lot of lot of lot of different tastes! No, we’re not whinging, the exact opposite. Our new range that you see about you tapped into the most requested; a red you would die for, denim, hot pink vs the hot green, a stunning brown. Don’t be shy, tell us what you think.

Hello World

Happy Birthday béba

September 2012, tabCoosh® no-brainer



Bright, Bold & Beautiful

mini Miracle

The good looks continue with 3 stunning new tabCoosh styles. Think summertime... and while the Sun, Sand & Surf's not so good for your tablet, the beachee tabCoosh bounces about some wonderful bright beach ball colours. Then there's the new yello puff, a golden pop of sunshine, truly mellow yellow, to brighten your day. To finish them off, bb Stripes. Bold & Beautiful, our nautically inspired beige & blue 'Stripes creates its own style.

As the wonderful world of Tablets continues to grow, it now seems the big Apple has another hit on its hand – the iPad Mini.

We’ve given it a fairly solid test run and have to say, it’s right up there with the best. So now, as you’d expect, you can pick up a tabCoosh to suit here today.

Coosh Spotting


We’re genuinely interested in your questions/suggestions/comments. So please drop us a note at, and you could end up on our wall. If you’d like to be a little more intimate…

Letters from our friends


Coosh spotting?! Now we’re not looking for béba stalkers, nor paparazzi, we’re just interested to find out where & why tabCoosh are being seen. We started in Australia and are now getting ‘Coosh lovers pop up all over the world. Don’t be shy, there’s room for all. And you might even want to let us know where you got yours from.


We’ve got some Fun things around the corner, starting with our world famous “button badges” + more on the way.

Hi I just wanted to say thanks so much for the tabCoosh, I'm using it as I type this!

Well done- I'm sure it will take off.

Thanks again

Anne  - ACT wrote:

I LOVE IT!!!! I read a lot in bed, and it's even good laying down cause you can do different angles. You don't have to have it either on the side or straight up and down. you can angle it! OH yeah! I remember talking to you too!! that's good!!! Gotta have pink in the range!! :)

Angie Hall-Flanagan -  NSW wrote:

Lovin' our tabCooshes!

Kelly, Baz & Rich wrote:

Hanging in the hills at gilston - iPad in the Coosh on my lap, Grand Designs on screen and a beer in hand.  How good is this???

Bennie - QLD wrote:




Béba – wot tha???

From the start, we knew the tabCoosh was going to be completely unique. So it actually took its original name from its original look, basically half a shrunken bean bag!

Wot fits wot?

The tabCoosh range continues to grow, both in styles and tablet models covered. We now cater for all 6 iPad models including their new Air & mini, Kindles Fire along with the Touch & Keyboard

e-readers, Samsungs Tab 10.1 & Tab2 7.0, Google’s Nexus, Kobo's, Motorola Xoom and more

Where can I purchase a tabCoosh??

How many beads per your average béba ???

It is a question we pondered long and hard. So it was decided we settle it for once and all. Enlisting the assistance of a couple of tabCoosh® nieces, Elo & Sof, 3  random (?) béba’s were selected. After a monstrous 17.4 hours, each and every bean for all 3 béba’s was accounted for. The result? #1- 4,739 #2 – 4,537 & #3 – 4,892. So we can safely say the average amount of béba beads is…4723, rounded off, so to speak*.

*sure, like we’d find anyone silly enough to count them out